Jesus Christ is building His church in Africa. And the Lord of the Harvest is calling more and more African laborers into His harvest fields. Explore the real stories of Africans on the front lines of this work.

Robert is a Kenyan who was called to be a missionary in South Sudan. He is already seeing people called to missions.

Not many people want to venture to the cold, remote, and challenging mountains of Lesotho to share the gospel with the shepherds that live there. But Khotalo didn’t let uncomfortable living situations keep him from becoming a missionary.

“What I believe in my heart, even if we get one soul…just one soul, that is very important before the Lord” — Richard, Coastal Kenya Church Planter

“It is the work of the leaders to empower, to enlighten the youth to get involved in mission work.” – Peter, South Sudanese missionary

“God has already given us their language. He’s given us their culture, their customs. We know the Mborroro well. Therefore, nothing remains but for us to work for them.” — Moussa, Chadian missionary reaching the Mbororo people

“In my walk with Christ, I knew more and more that my family, my people group, are lost.  So it is very important to reach out, because many people around us do not have the opportunity to hear about Jesus.” — Rosina, a Malagasy missionary reaching the Sakalava

“The way I am – I have joy, I have peace, I have salvation and eternal life – is because of a missionary. And I think taking the Good News to other people who are still in darkness is a duty of everyone who has received Christ. — Carol, Kenyan missionary to South Sudan

“If any pastor finds himself not getting involved in the commandment of going and reaching out to the whole world, he probably needs to ask himself, ‘Why am I here? Why is my church existing?’” – Moses, Kenyan missions pastor